ʻUheʻuhene - Words & music by Charles E. King

Hoʻohihi ʻoe ke ʻike
ʻOlu no hoe ʻoe ke lilo ia ʻoe
A he mea nui na ka makua i milimili
Pūama ia ua hiʻipoi ia ua makamae
ʻAʻole no he hewa
I laila ʻoe e lawaiʻa ai ʻaʻohe hewa oia
O ka maunu no ka mea nui pololei
A i hei no hoʻi i kau makau
ʻUheʻuhene ʻuheʻuhene lā
Kani e ko ʻaka
ʻUheʻuhene ʻuheʻuhene lā

Ke lilo hoʻi iā ʻoe
Kau hana nui o ke kama a paʻa
A i hemahema ʻoe koi ala lilo no ia
Poho wale hoʻi nā huʻi koni a ka puʻuwai
Eia ku no ia lawaiʻa
Hui kau ana na makau a olua hui kau na makau
Hōʻike ia ke akamai i pololei
A i pili paʻa me ʻoe
ʻUheʻuhene ʻuheʻuhene lā
Kani e ko aka
ʻUheʻuhene ʻuheʻuhene lā

You will take a fancy when you see
You will be pleased when you have won
The pet of her parents
Cherished and beloved as a treasure
It would not be wrong
If you went there to fish, not wrong
If the bait is sufficient and right
You'll catch her on your hook
Merrily you`ll laugh

When you have caught it
Then it's up to you to tie the knot tight
If you do not, it will be wasted
And all the heart throbs will be wasted
There may be another fisherman, too
And the lines get all tangled up, lines tangled up
Show your accurate knowledge
That you may be the person to hold fast
Merrily you`ll laugh
Source: King's Hawaiian Melodies - Charles King dedicated this song to N.M and called it a Hawaiian Shouting Song. Translated by Mary Pukui © 1930, 43 Charles E. King