Wai Hīnano - Traditional

I noho au e kali nei
Ka hoʻi mai a ka ipo

Be still ʻoe kuʻu puʻuwai
E ʻoni nei ke aloha

I lohe au i kou leo
E hea mai iaʻu

Neʻe mai a pili kāua
Hauʻoli no ke kauna

Pulu kāua i ka wai hīnano
E ola hoʻomau
Here I sit and wait
For the return of the beloved
Be still my heart
Desire from within stirs my emotions
While I wait, I hear your voice
Beckoning to me
Come to me and let us be close
Until we become one and rejoice in our ecstacy
We are drenched by the Hīnano rain
Bringing life eternal to us

Source: Ea Collection Translator unknown