Waiʻanae - Words & Music by E. Kealiʻi Blaisdell

I would rather be in the countryside
Living life so peacefully
The only place that brings me back again
Is on the Leeward Coast called Waiʻanae

Waiʻanae, is the place for me
It brings me back to my younger days
With my friends and family
Waiʻanae, how much I love you so
Is calling for me to come back home

If you've ever seen the Leeward side
You will see clear starry skies
Beyond the lights of Honolulu
Is a place where you can go called Waiʻanae

E. Keali`i Blaisdell
Source: E. Kealiʻi Blaisdell album "Keeping It Traditional" © 1997