Waikīkī Surfing - Words & music by George "Gippy" Cooke 

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Waikīkī surfing is always fun
With my wahine surfing in the sun

Just the two of us 'neath skies of blue
Catching the big waves all day through
All the while surfing and with a smile
We're surfing along Hawaiian style;

Towards the beach then ocean-side
For another wave to catch a ride
Taking us back close to the shore
Who could ask for anything more
Looking towards the beach at Waikīkī
Oh, what a sight for us to see;

So when you swim at Waikīkī beach
You'll find beachboys eager to teach
You how to surfboard over the waves
In so many Hawaiian ways
Then learn what fun surfing can be
Just like my wahine and me.

Source: G. Cooke collection - © 2011 George "Gippy" Cooke