What Aloha Means - Words & music by Charles Alphin

You ask me what Aloha means
You ask the reason too
I whisper sweet Aloha
Ev'ry time I gaze at you

Your question I will answer for
My heart with love serene
Just prompts me to explain to you
What Aloha means

Aloha means farewell to thee
Aloha means goodbye
It means until we meet again
Beneath a tropic sky
Aloha means good morning
And always to be true
But the best thing that Aloha means
Is, I love you

On golden sands at Waikīkī
I sing with my guitar
That plaintive song Aloha
And I wonder where you are
The waves that murmur on the shore
To Pali stars that gleam
Would fain explain to you sweetheart
What Aloha means

Source: King's Songs of Hawaiʻi Copyright 1928, 1942 Charles E. King