When I Come Home - by Kenneth Makuakane, Music by Kennethh Makuakane & Kapena DeLima

The sands of time cannot erase the tears
The memories we've shared
And now that I'm away
I miss you more each day
Your gentle winds that calm my raging heart
Your starry, starry nights
Your breathless waves that crash against the shore

When I come home
I'll wrap my arms around you, never let go
Hawaiʻi the only place for me, and I'll never leave
'Cause I can't live without you, I hope you know
All of my love, I'll give to you
When I come home

I believe still missing in my life
Since I've been away
A love that comforts me
And shelters me from harm
I hear the voice of Haleakalā
As it sings to me
With open arms, it greets another day

Take me back so I can see tomorrows
Forget about the sorrows
The moon will light my way, light my way

Source: Performed by Kalena DeLima