You Kuʻuipo - Words by Gilbert Belmudez, Music by Willie Kahaialii

On this island I found the ways
To see the beauty in passing days.
Flowers that impel my love.
Moments some only hear of.

Loving under a waterfall.
Hearing the owl's midnight call.
Whispers from the ocean shell.
Whispers only you and I can tell

And you Kuʻuipo
Bring these moments to my mind.
For you Kuʻuipo
Are an island one of a kind.

In this land I found the ways
To see the beauty of passing days.
Rainbows, jewels of a misty crown.
Craters covered with a silken gown.

Stars that always shown so bright.
Scattered throughout the lovely night.
Where true love befell my soul.
True love that came upon a grassy knoll.

And you Kuʻuipo
Bring these moments to my mind.
For you Kuʻuipo
Are an island one of a kind.
One of a kind.

Gilbert Belmudez, 1984

Source: Gilbert Belmudez - The composer first went to Hana, Maui, on a small Royal Hawaiian passenger plane in the spring of 1980. His first nights were spent at Waiʻānapanapa and by the waters of ʻOheʻo gulch, now called Seven Sacred Pools. It was this uncommon introduction to Maui that gave him a sense of what the real Hawaiʻi was. He eventually settled in the Lahaina area but time and time again, would return to Hana. It was there, under the light of a campfire, that he began to write a sizeable collection of poems, lyrics and prose in an attempt to express the beauty of what he experienced. Part of this collection was issued a copyright in 1990, under the title "Maui Magic. The first drafts to You Kuʻuipo were created as an ode to Hawaiʻi. Kuʻu ipo being his name for the island itself. The final drafts to You Kuʻuipo were completed in San Diego after he moved there in 1988. He completed the lyrics and in 1990, shared his creation with Willie Kahaialii, a musician he had come to know on Maui several years before. He approached Willie for collaboration and in one week's time Willie was able to musically translate what was in the composer's heart into the song, "You Kuʻuipo". More background information available at:
Lyrics ® © Gilbert Belmudez 1990, Music © Willie Kahaialii