Haleʻiwa - by Victor Lanakila Rittenband

Haleʻiwa, the sunlight is bright on your shore,
Your gentle people call to me, "come home once more".
In the mist of the morning and all through the day,
The sun is dreaming in Waialua Bay.

Coming home, coming home,
I'm coming home, Haleʻiwa.
Wait for me, pray for me,
I'm coming home to you!

There's a girl there who I hear is waiting for me,
I used to tease her, I can hardly wait to see,
If she still looks as lovely with smiles through her tears,
Does she still love me? It's been so many years.

Source: Kokua Records, PO Box 8100, Honolulu, HI 96830, - The composer came to Hawaiʻi from California in 1964. He and his wife, Nancy Gustafsson, a composer in her own right, performed for many years under the Ukulele Tree on the beach at the Reef Hotel. This was a prize winning song in the Search for Songs contest, 1976. © 1976, Victor Rittenband