Lei Pakalana - Traditional

Haʻaheo nō ʻoe kuʻu lei pakalana
Ke ʻala onaona e moani nei
Me heʻala nō ia e ʻī mai ana
ʻO ʻoe ka anoʻi nei puʻuwai
Na wai e ʻole kaʻu hoʻohihi
Ua haʻi mua ʻia ʻo ʻoe e ka nani
Haʻina keʻala o kuʻu lani
No ka pua pakalana kau i ka hano
You are indeed proud, my lei pakalana
The soft fragrance wafting
As though saying
You are the cherished one in this, my heart
Who would not share my enthrallment
You have already been told, you are the beauty
Let the fragrance of my heavenly one, be told
For the pakalana blossom, set in glory

Source: Vicki IʻI Rodrigues Collection, Recorded by Tony Conjugacion on "O Ka Wä I Hala" CD - Pakalana is the Hawaiian name for the Chinese Violet, (telosma cordata). This vine, native to South Asia, was introduced by immigrants who arrived in the mid 1800's. The flower is prized for its delicate fragrance and associated with love-making