Ahe Lau Makani

Ahe Lau Makani

Hawaiian Lyrics

He ʻala nei e māpu mai nei
Na ka makani lau aheahe
I lawe mai i kuʻu nui kino
Hoʻopumehana i kuʻu poli


E ke hoa o ke ahe lau makani
Halihali ʻala o kuʻu ʻāina

He ʻala nei e moani mai nei
Na ka ua noe Līlīlehua,
I lawe mai i kuʻu poli
Hoʻopumehana i ke aloha

He ʻala nei e puīa mai nei
Na ka makani anu kolonahe
I lawe mai no a pili
Hoʻopumehana i ka manaʻo

He ʻala nei e aheahe mai nei
Na ka leo hone a nā manu
I lawe mai a loaʻa au
Hoʻopumehana i ko leo


English Lyrics

There is a breath so gently breathing
So soft, so sweet, by sighing breezes
That as it touches my whole being
It warms me in my heart


We, fair one, together, shall enjoy such moments
While murmuring wind sweeps over my fatherland

There is a breath so soft and balmy
Brought by sweet zephyrs, Lîlîlehua
And while wafted to my bosom
It warms me with love

There is a fragrance that saturates
A cool, soft breeze
Brought it to cling to me
Warming me with feelings

There is a fragrance wafted here
The sweet call of birds
Brought it to find me
Being warmed by your voice

Source; Myrna Kamae – This is one of the many songs arranged by Eddie Kamae, sometimes taking him a couple of years before he was satisfied. The intro and style of Ahe Lau Makani is written in a Marachi style. It was written very plainly in Liliuokalani’s original writings, but the songs live on when they are treated with arrangements that people keep playing over and over. Eddie loves Liliuokalani’s work and feels it is an honor to be able to work with her music and give it new life and popularity. Composed around 1868, probably at Hamohamo, the Waikīkī home of the Queen. This mele appeared in He Buke Mele ʻO Hawaiʻi under the title “He ʻAla Nei E Māpu Mai Nei. Ahe Lau Makani uses only verse 1 and 2, and may be an abridged version. Lïlïlehua is the name of the gentle rain in Palolo Valley, Oʻahu. Verse 1, 2 and hui translated by Liliʻuokalani, Verse 3, 4 by Hui Hānai. Hawaiian Text edited by Puakea Nogelmeier