I Want To Learn To Speak Hawaiian - Words & music by Johnny Noble

I want to learn to speak Hawaiian
Then I can say the sweetest things to you
I want to learn to sing Hawaiian
So I can do the hula hula too

I've learned to say aloha nui ʻoe
The sweetest little words I ever knew
And when I am a kamaʻāina
Its going to thrill me thru and thru
Honi kāua wikiwiki
They taught me on the beach at Waikīkī
Wela ka hao meaning whoop-ee
I am learning them fast you can see

So after all what does it matter
If I should stutter on a word or two
I want to learn to speak Hawaiian
Cause I'm pupule, simply crazy over you
Johnny Noble


Source: Noble's Hawaiian Favorites Copyright 1935,63 Miller Music Corp