Kanaka Pete, The Bull of Bethel Street - Words & music by Kui Lee

The blalahs were standing on the corner
Of King and Bethel Street
When up drove a big brown
And out stepped Kanaka Pete 

He had an old alualu shirt on
And great big luau feet
With a gallon oke and a bottle of beer
And twenty kids in the rumble seat
(He was a hard working man)

On the corner stood Bad John Baboza
The Bull of Bethel street
With a sneer he said
('E bull you like beef or what?")
And he challenged Kanaka Pete

Well, they both walked into Two Jacks
While the crowd there cleared the floor
And the rumble could be heard for miles around
From behind the Hale Inu door
(That's a drinking establishment in downtown Honolulu)

Down the street came Auntie Clara
She's Kanaka Pete's dear loving wife
She wore a flower lei and a big muʻumuʻu
And a smile just as big as life
(She was a happy soul, she was)

She heard them fighting in Two Jacks
While the crowd there yelled for more
She hit the entrance with her big ʻōpū
And down came the tavern door
(She put up a big front)

She hit Bad John with a left hook
With a thud he hit the floor
With her poi mixing arm
She caught Kanaka Pete
As he was running out the kitchen door
Now if you're ever in Hawaiʻi
Ask anyone you meet
Auntie Clara is the brand new champ
And she's the Bull of Bethel Street
Kuiokalani Lee

Source: Copyright 1964-65 Criterion Music Corp