Kauhale O Kamapuaʻa (Home of Kamapuaʻa)
Words by David Inciong, music by David Inciong & Val Kepilino 
Kauhale o Kamapuaʻa
Wehiwehi i ka nahele
Ka uhi paʻa ka noe
Me anuenue i ke awawa

Maika`i wale no keia ʻāina
Aʻe no wau
Uʻi maoli keia ʻāina
Aʻe hoʻi wau

Ka ua o Nuʻuanu
Na pua hoʻoipo ia
I luna i na pali
Ka makani hele uluulu

Haʻina ka puana
He iʻu me na wailele
Mahalo aʻe au i ka nani
Kauhale o Kamapuaʻa

Luther Puulei   

David Inciong
Home of Kamapuaʻa
Adorned with growth
Covered with mist
With rainbows in the valley

This land is so beautiful
I surely agree
This land is indeed beautiful
I certainly agree

The rain of Nu`uanu
Makes love to the flowers
High on the cliffs
The wind blows to gale force

Tell the story (refrain)
With lofty waterfalls
I admire the beauty (forever)
The home of Kamapuaʻa

Source: Translated by David Inciong, Copyright Miller Music Corp, David Inciong, Recorded by Peter Ahia on "Peter Sings" CD - This mele was written and lovingly dedicated to David's maternal grandfather, Luther Puulei for his influence and to honor him. The melody was given to Val Kepilino to chart it musically and refine it since David didn't know how to write out the music. Myra English, Pua Rodgers and Lena Mota were the first to record this song and the by-line was never corrected. Kamapuaʻa, the demi or pig god was born at Sacred Falls, but spent a lot of time in Nuʻuanu, a place he loved dearly.