Kauikeōlani (Place in the Skies) - Traditional 

Lei aku au i ke ʻala
Ke ʻala o ka ʻawapuhi
Onaona wale hoʻi ia uka
I ka uka ʻiuʻiu aʻo Nuʻuanu

Noho aku au hoʻolono
Ka hoene mai a nā manu
Ke ʻala onaona o ka ʻawapuhi
Kauikeōlani he inoa

I am wreathed in fragrance
The fragrance of the ginger
Sweet indeed is the uplands
In the verdant mountains of Nuʻuanu

I sit and listen
The soft sound of birds
The fragrance of the ginger
Kauikeaōlani is your name

Source: This mele was composed for Emma Kauikeōlani Napoleon who came from a large family of 17 siblings. She and her husband, Albert S. Wilcox, son of missionaries Abner and Lucy Wilcox, championed health care for Hawaiians. Albert donated the land and $50,000.00 for the Children's Hospital in 1908, and named it for his wife. The Mahelona Memorial Hospital in Keālia, Kauaʻi, is named for their son Samuel Mahelona