Lanakila Kawaihau - by Mekia Kealakai

Ke lei nei ko lei nani
A ke onaona e hea mai nei
Walea ana i ka inu wai
A he ʻai haʻaheo no Kawaihau

Ini i ka wai māpuna
Haʻaheo i ko lei lehua
A he leo no pūpū kani ʻoe
Ua lanakila ʻo Kawaihau

Nohenonohea ia mau pua
A he kumu o ke ʻala
A naʻu na ke onaona
I hoʻokani ke kaula kia

You are wearing your lovely lei
And its fragrance entices me
To relax and quench my thirst
For the winning tally favors Kawaihau

So drink of the spring waters
And be proud of your lei of lehua
Our voices are like the sweet singing land shells
For Kawaihau is victorious

So fine are these flowers
And there is a source for the sweet fragrance
For it was I, "the charming one"
Who gave the resounding blow of the cord upon the pole

Source: This song was composed to celebrate the political victory of Colonel Sam Parker and Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaʻole. Mary Pukui tells of a haole woman, often at court, during the reign of King David Kalākaua. She was offered strong drink but always refused, requesting instead, ice water. She was called, Ka Wahine Kawaihau. The ice water, "Kawaihau" became an inside joke and was used as the name of the club of young men who supported the King. There were 15 members of this choral club of which Prince Leleiohoku, the Kingʻs younger brother, was also a member. The hui refers to the singing land shells whose song is the most beautiful just before dawn.