Maile Lei For Your Hair - Norman Kaye

A maile lei for your hair
Has a special meaning
It's a sweet aloha
Made with loving care
From mountians kissing the blue
Near the ridge of heaven
I have brought this maile
Maile love for you
Maile, fashioned by the sun
Beauty, just for you my lovely one
A maile lei for your hair
Is a crown of glory
It's the sweetest story
Of my love for you
Norman Kaye

Source: The composer, part of the Mary Kaye trio, wrote this song to honor the maile (alyxia olivaeformis), a lei symbolic of love and used at many celebrations. In olden traditions it was a sign of the gods and one of five plants used to decorate the kuaha (altar) of Laka, goddess of hula. Legends tell of the five Maile Sisters, minor goddesses of hula, who could take human or plant forms. The sisters are remembered today by the five varieties of maile: maile pâkaha (blunt leaf maile), maile lau nui (large leaf maile), maile lau liÊ»i (small leaf maile), and maile kaluhea (sweet smelling maile)