Sweet Leilani (Flower Wreath From Heaven) - Words & Music by Harry Owens
Sweet Leilani, heavenly flower
Nature fashioned roses kissed with dew
And then she placed them in a bower
It was the start of you
Sweet Leilani, heavenly flower
Tropic skies are jealous as they shine
I think they're jealous of your blue eyes
Jealous because you're mine
Sweet Leilani, heavenly flower
I dreamed of paradise for two
You are my paradise completed
You are my dream come true

Baby Sweet Leilani


Source: Sweet Leilani by Harry Owens was written Oct. 20, 1934, for his daughter when she was 1-day-old; the song flowed like a rippling stream and was completed in one hour. Recorded by Bing Crosby in 1935, it received the Oscar in 1938, for best song from the movie "Waikiki Wedding". Credited for helping revive the record industry during the depression, it was on the Hit Parade for 28 consecutive weeks. Taught to swim by the legendary Duke Kahanamoku, Baby Leilani's first hula teacher was Napua Woodd, composer of Haleiwa Hula and grandmother of singer Amy Hanaialii Gilliom. © 1937 Select Music Publications Inc.