You’re At A Lūʻau Now - Traditional

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First you ʻai some fish and poi,
Pipikaula and some moi
Then you have some ʻōkolehao,
You’re at a lūʻau now

Then you taste kalua pig,
ʻIna wana, limu too
ʻInamona and haupia
You’re at a lūʻau now

The poi is ʻulaʻula kamanu is too
And laulau tastes so good to you
ʻAlamihi and ʻopihi is always okay
The chicken and the laiki loloa

The hula girlies dance for you
Kanes and wahines too
In the true Hawaiian style,
You're at a lūʻau now

Source: G. Cooke collection -ʻai (to eat), moi (threadfish), kalua (roasted underground), ʻinamona (kukui nut relish), laulau (ti leaf food pack), laiki loloa (long rice), poi ʻulaʻula (reddish taro paste), ʻōkolehao (liquor), ʻina wana (small sea urchin), haupia (coconut pudding), ʻalamihi (black crab), pipikaula (beef jerky) limu (seaweed), lūʻau (feast), kamanu (salmon),ʻopihi (shellfish) Music clip by Gippy Cooke